On Egomania in Culture

Or how internalized hyper-individualism influences culture industries

We all know an asshole or two that we have to deal with in our day-to-day lives. Maybe it’s John from accounting. Perhaps it’s one of the players in your favorite sports game. Maybe your best friend? When we talk about people we find to be assholes, we usually talk about behaviours that we find selfish or otherwise immature. When mixing the idea of an asshole with an elitist artist or artisan, things become even worse....

May 26, 2020 · 7 min

Some Helpful Sleeping Tips

Or how I keep waking up at 3AM and I'm looking for a solution

But not to worry, I started looking and most importantly asking around for possible solutions to this problem. Here’s a short list of what I found or heard. Try to go to bed early, and get up early as well I don’t remember quite who gave me this advice, but they reminded me that most things related to not being able to sleep are just the effect of a poorly scheduled sleeping pattern....

April 12, 2020 · 4 min

Finding the right PaaS for k8s

Or how to use a garbage server as a makeshift PaaS platform w/ k3s and Rio

👋 Hey there, this is quite an old article. Since I have found fly.io to be the one-stop-shop for all my PaaS related needs. Their free pricing tier is quite nice, the docs are thorough and their pricing scales quite nicely. Be sure to check them out! It starts off small, just trying to nudge the team into the direction of a new tech or small module in a project and before you know it, you’re neck deep in fancy docs of some weird project that solves your business case in just 3 easy steps!...

March 30, 2020 · 8 min

Introducing simple APIs with Neh

Or how a simple question started hours long research and a fun sideproject

*EDIT: So, I posted this article on HackerNews and the first thing people were kind enough to point out was that I could just use CGI. Good point! I’ll take a look at that. However, I still had fun working on this side project, even if it ended up a small CGI clone in OpenResty! Thank you for reading!* Everyone encounters a moment in which they’re held back by a limitation of a certain thing they use....

March 23, 2020 · 7 min