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Dynamic GDDs with Notion & Godot

Shortly after I start with a Game design document, I’m hit with the very sudden and scary realization that I need to upkeep the document as well. By combining the power of Notion and Godot I hope to make it slightly easier. Let me explain to you how you could do the same!

The Apple Privilege

Wauw, I used to say when I saw an Apple product at the store. And reasonably so, the allure of using a product with a quality unlike any other had me dreaming. But unfortunately, our family didn’t have that kind of money, so we never got anything.

On Egomania in Culture

What do Kanye West and Steve Jobs have in common with one another? You could say the effect they have on popular culture or our society as a whole. But there’s another side to these two major cultural players: their ego. In the Games industry there are similar patterns. What drives participants in these industries to Egomania?

Some Helpful Sleeping Tips

I have troubling sleeping from time to time, and I haven’t exactly pinned down what solved it for me. This post shares some things I picked up on the internet or people around me. Maybe they’ll help you out!

Finding the right PaaS for k8s

Aah, Kubernetes. The new hype-driven developer’s crack. I couldn’t escape it either. Join me on my journey through a handful of interesting PaaS projects for k8s!

Introducing simple APIs with Neh

I had a simple question: can I run a bash script straight from Nginx?
Finding no answer good enough for my use case, I decided to build my own solution: Neh.